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The connotation or the Khasi term "Laiphew" which literally means thirty, as a limit ordinal is without a successor and it is a marker of a process of constitution of a community. It is not just a representation of the number 30, but it is supposed to be an idiolect of 'all types'. For example, "Laiphew Syiem'' means many chiefs; "Laiphew Mrad" means many animals. Philosophically speaking the Khasi concept of all and many as a generic concept is simultaneously concrete and general. Concept of numbers to instantiate all or many are place markers within the structure of all or many, which is simultaneously predicative and impredicative. Such predicative and impredicative application of linguistic concepts in describing the constitution of Khasi society is a narrative construction of Khasi selfhood.

"Laiphew" sent by @manbha.syiemlieh Thank you! An extremely interesting entry! 😄😄
Idiolect: the language or speech pattern of one individual at a particular period of life.

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