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Kyrtoh Lyndet

Ka ktien "kyrtoh" ka mut ban rynsied ne ban kynthih; ka thew ruh ïa ka jingryngkoh nalor ka jingker.

Ka jingong "kyrtoh lyndet" ka mut ka jingwan ne ka jingpashat jong ka markylliang ne ka bainong jong kano kano ka kam kaba la leh u briew.

The Khasi "kyrtoh" means to leap or to jump. The word also implies leaping over a boundary.

The Khasi phrase "kyrtoh lyndet" is the coming or manifestation of retribution, meaning the reward or punishment of anything that is done by a person. "Kyrtoh lyndet" emphasises a boomerang effect or a rebound effect to anything that is done in life.

The Khasi words "Kyrtoh Lyndet" affirms the consequences of anything that is done by us in life. 🌀🪃🪃 🟡 Collated and modified from Ka Dienshonhi: The Khasi Encyclopedic Dictionary and Learner's Khasi Dictionary 🟡 English explication by @speakyourroots 🟡 Art by Davide Bonazzi

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