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Kynjat Tin

A game that can be played with a bigger crowd of kids and one simple tin can. The group would decide who had to be the guardian of the can (it was not a privilege to be one) by drawing lots. The unlucky guardian would then have to count to whatever number has been pre-decided by all participants and everyone would go hide. The counting done, the guardian would then have to seek all the participants whose goal is to kick the can if the guardian left it unguarded. And if that be the case, he/she would have to endure another round of being guardian and seeker. But if the guardian manages to find everyone, the first one found will have to take his place. I remember playing this in the winter till it got dark and our parents had to literally drag us indoors. Some days we took the hiding literally too far and we would be roaming the streets of Jaiaw and Garikhana, forgetting that we were still playing the game, while the guardian usually missed out on the actual fun.


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