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Kut ka speed

"Kut ka speed" is a humorous phrase which is a combination of Khasi and English. "Kut" in Khasi means an end or a stop to something.

So "kut ka speed" means the end of something that was looked forward to, like the cancellation of a picnic or the abrupt end to something which had promise like a failure in business. The use of the English word "speed" in the phrase emphasises the end or the stop to an action or event which was deemed to have momentum (in the literal and symbolic sense) but which met with an untimely end. The phrase also has the power of a warning, so as to caution someone, in case what they are doing will end up incomplete or as a failure.

An example of the phrase in a sentence: "Ka bha ba phi mih kloi. Da mih kham sngi tang ka dheng kali ruh lah kut ka speed."

This sentence can be translated as "You should leave early, otherwise the traffic will be kut ka speed". The phrase sounds unsuitable when the sentence is translated into English. It does not possess the same punch because it is meant to be a sentence in Khalish and not English. Further, the exact sense of the sentence is lost when we try to translate it.

"Kut ka speed" is an interesting example of "Khalish", that is the combination of English and Khasi. The merging of indigenous languages with English is happening around the world and shows the development and evolution of language. This is present mainly in urban areas where people use English daily in their communication with others.

Khalish in particular leads to funny phrases and jokes which have a distinct ring and flavour to them which is both indigenous as well as global. Though there will be many critiques, this phenomenon is here to stay and seems inevitable in the evolution of language.

When you were planning to have that jadoh but when you reach the Kong says there's no more jadoh! Huuu...kut ka speed! 😂😂😂
"Kut ka speed" is the Khalish equivalent of a buzz kill 😖 Don't deny it, especially the Shillongites 😅 Khalish has become a way of how we speak 😜
Please comment with sentences having "kut ka speed" 😂😂

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