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Ksan Rympei, Rem Dorbar and Khraw Jutang

Ksan Rympei Rem Dorbar

U briew uba heh ka nia ka jutang tang ha kyndong bad ha rieh, hynrei uba suhjer ban ang shi kyntien ha khmat ka dorbar, ne ka jingïalang.

An individual who is a big talker with a few, where not many can hear him or her, but who is afraid to even utter a word in a gathering or in front of people.

Khraw Jutang

U briew ne ka briew kiba khlei ïa ka ktien kaba long ka soskular, ka jingïasaid bad ka nia kaba man skhem bad shisha.

An individual who gives his or her word of honour, possessing promise and a well-grounded argument, bearing strength and truth.

The Khasi phrases "Ksan Rympei, Rem Dorbar" and "Khraw Jutang" may be said to be opposites of each other. Khublei Shibun @kakhadduh for mentioning this. You had said this some time ago 😄😄 🟡 Khasi and English explication by @speakyourroots
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