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Kren da thew ha la ka khulpi

"Kren da thew ha la ka khulpi" ka mut ban kren da kaba sumar ha khmat ki briew, ne haba duwai ha u Blei, ban antad bad ban thew ïa la ka ktien ha ka tarajur ka mynsiem bad ka dohnud, shuwa ban pynmih ïa ka shabar.

La nang pynshongkhia shuh shuh ïa kane ka jingong da ka ktien "khulpi" kaba mut ka jingshisha ba la buhrieh bad kaei kaei ka bym lah ban ïohi.

Namar kata, lada ngi ong "Kren da thew ha la ka khulpi" ka thew ïa ka ktien kaba mih da ka jingsngewthuh bad jingshemphang, kaba la pynphrang ne pynwandur da ka jingshisha kaba don ha ka mynsiem bad ka dohnud.

The phrase "Kren da thew ha la ka khulpi" means to speak with care and caution in front of people, or when in prayer to God, to assess and measure words in the scales of the soul and heart, before speaking the words.

Beauty and depth is added to the phrase because of the word "khulpi" which means the truth that is hidden and something that cannot be seen.

Thus, when we say' "Kren da thew ha la ka khulpi" it refers to the wisdom and insight that is expressed in words, which have been moulded and tempered by the truth that exists in the heart and soul.

"Kren da thew ha la ka khulpi" is a beautiful phrase which expresses the power of the spoken word. 🧠♥️🗣️
English translation by @speakyourroots

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