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Ki Kyrteng Sin Part II/ Khasi Nicknames Part II

Sympiw (rit khmat/ small eyes)

Tun tun (sngaid/ chubby)

Samah (sngaid bad lyngkot/ short and stout)

Shrieh (khih ksaiñ, balaiñ/ hyperactive, mischievous, oversmart)

Shyrjei (ima ka dur/ scary looking face)





Tah (from mattah meaning snail; a reference to being slow)

Krew krew (big eyes)

Piduiñ (sngaid/ fat)

Ldoiñ (heh briew bad biej/ big-built and dumb or foolish)

Kriw kriw (rit briew bad shalak/ small, smart or sly)

Bah Rai (raikhoh/ thin)

Bah Kyn jait Roi (ba kynroi than/ prone to having fights)

Priñ (Pnar) (ba ïong/ a dark complexion)

Chru (Pnar) (Ka shriew/ Yam)

Sti (wrinkled looking or used for someone thin)

Mum (pronounced as Moom)

Another round of "Ki Kyrteng Sin"/ Khasi Nicknames 😆😂😆😂
These nicknames have been collected from the comments section of the earlier post on Khasi nicknames. Thank you to everyone who contributed! 🤡🤠🎃

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