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Ki Kyrteng Sin Part I/ Khasi Nicknames Part I

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

The Khasis have a practice of giving nicknames and besides the usual Bahduh, Theiheh, Kongdeng, Bahrit, which denote a specific position among siblings based on age, there are other kinds of nicknames that are given because of a context related to the person concerned. Here are some:

Ka Smaw (ba ïong, ba jaing/ being dark and dirty)

U Satlew (ba heh bad khlaiñ/ big built and strong)

U Ren (ba bun ka shang/ always going out)

U Dum (as in lyndum/ bald)

Ka Taiñtabul (for timetable)

U Koted (like the air horn of Bedford buses)

U Buit (rit, buittuh, shu shyit briew beit/ small, wiry, likes to pinch others)

U Tamuiñ (saw ki khmat bad ka ïambait/ red eyes and a cry baby)

U Lo (pronounced like the word Law)

Ka Bon

U Been Loons

U Sahep Laitkor

Ka Samap (raikhoh/ stang shñiuh/ skinny, limp hair)

U Bring

Ka Rai (namar ba bang Krai/ because she likes millet)

Bah Ling Saphu (a girl's nickname because she was scared of a beggar with this name)

U Ro

Ka Thre (named after a woman obsessed with cleanliness)

U Lui

U Jon Snai (named after a man who stole roosters to make them fight)


Ïong (dark complexion)

'Ngaid (sngaid/ fat)


Lew Lew (from Pyllew/ big eyes)

Pit Pit (namar ba sympit/ small eyes)

Mem Syndem (ba syndem/ flat nose)

Dem (ba syndem/ flat nose)

"Ki Kyrteng Sin" or Khasi nicknames
Don't we love our nicknames?! 😄😄😄😂😂😂 Here are some Khasi nicknames contributed by @indariwarjri @carey_lynz @bibianaryntathiang. Thank you for sending them! 😄
Some have a context and some don't, but please do enjoy them and come up with your own interpretation!
Please tell us about your funny nicknames! 🤡🤡😎🤓😎🤠🤠

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