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Khasi language accepted in Calcutta University

In 1903, the Khasi language was accepted as one of the languages that could be used during entrance examinations in Calcutta University, West Bengal.

Some information about Sir Pedler who is mentioned in the letter is here below (Source:,_Sir_Alexander):

Sir Alexander Pedler, F.R.S., C.I.E. (1901), Director of Public Instruction, Bengal (retired);

Son of late John Standbury Pedler of Drilwich; Born in 1819;

Education: City of London School and at the Royal College of Chemistry, London; Joined service, 1873; Meteorological Reporter to Bengal Government, 1889; Principal, Presidencv College, Calcutta, 1896; Director of Public Instruction, Bengal, 1899; Additional Member, Supreme Legislative Council, 1903; Vice-Chancellor, Calcutta University, 1904; retired, 1906. Address: 28, Stanhope Gardens, London.

Khublei Shibun @historian_to_be for this contribution! 😀🙏 It is great to know that the Khasi language was acknowledged by the then British government as a language for entrance examinations.


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