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Kamai Nong Khynraw

Ka "kamai nong khynraw" ka dei ka spah ka phew ba u kamai u briew katba u dang samla ha la ïing kur, shuwa ba un leit ïing briew. la kane ka spah ka ïoh ka kmie lane ka kur kynthei kaba khadduh jong kata ka ïing.

"Kamai nong khynraw" is the money and wealth earned by a man while he is still single and unmarried. This money and wealth goes to his mother or "khadduh", the youngest sister of the man.

"Kamai nong khynraw" is one of the many duties that a young Khasi man fulfills towards his family before marriage. This support to his own family is valued and cherished. 🙏💚
🟡 Source: Primrose Gatphoh
🟡 English translation by @speakyourroots

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