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Ka Tlang Kaba Pynim (A Winter That Revives) by Badondor Diengdoh

U briew, u symbai, u jingthung,

da u lah tynneng palat,

u jynrat hi naduh tyllong

dalade ïalade.

Nga ïohi ia u lyoh khyndew

u ba ju ïai wan sop ïa ka

longrynïeng jong nga

bad man ba u leit phai pat,

u shim noh shi dkhotmet

na ka syrngiew jong nga.

Haba ka tlang ka la sdang ban

wan siaw na sha lyndet ki kynroh,

da kaba sem artat da ki lai rong

jong u sohmynken khnai-

Hangta keiñ ngan sa ïohi

biang ïa ka dur

briew jong ki sur bad ki khana

kiba ju ïai ksaid ban im,

ynda ki mih biang pat

na ka met jong ki

'riewhyndai kum ka jynhaw.

Haba u 'sai ka duitara u

sdang ban slor-

hato ngi bujli bad kylliang ïa u

da ki sur nongwei?

-Badondor Diengdoh

A man, a seed, a plant,

in desperation to ape others,

uproots his own self from

the source.

I watch the mist

who always arrives to cloak

my being,

and every time it departs

it carries away a part of my body

from my shadow.

When winter starts to whistle

from beyond the walls

dressed in the

three colours of u sohmynken khnai

It is there that I see once again

the human face

of songs and stories

who struggle to remain alive,

when they rise from

the body of ancestors like vapour.

When the thread of the duitara

begins to wither-

do we change and replace it

with foreign songs?

-translated by Daiarisa Rumnong

"Ka Tlang Kaba Pynim ("A Winter That Revives") is an original Khasi poem by Badondor Diengdoh.
When winter arrives will we understand the change it brings? Will we return to what rooted us since the beginning? The poem is an evocative response emerging from a depth of experience. Khublei Shibun for sending your poem!


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