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Ka Por da Naomi C. Nonglait

"La biang katto," ka ong ka por,

Haba u briew la lut ka bor,

Jingim la ïaid man la ka sngi,

Mynta la poi te sha sepngi.

Ani! To ap shuwa ko por,

Balei pha sei ïa la ka bor?

Jingim ban shim noh hi bran bran,

Ngim pat sngewthuh kumno ban san.

Bunsien ngi beh ïa la ka kam,

Ngi klet ïa kiba ngi ieid tam,

Ngi ai pynban ka por kordor,

Sha kita kiba shet shukor.

Ki thaba ha ki khmat jong ngi

Ki pynthame man la ka sngi,

Khmih ko samla ïa ka lynti

Ïoh dier noh pat ka por jong phi!

"Ka Por" (Time) is an original Khasi poem by @carey_lynz who is a teacher and scholar 🤗❤️ Khublei Shibun @carey_lynz ba phi la phah ïa ka poitri jong phi kaba long ka jingpynkynmaw ba kordor 🕯️🪞🕜 @carey_lynz says about the poem: "Time is a gift and yet a curse to one who does not know how to use it. This poem expresses how time can run out when we are in the rat race of becoming, or achieving or doing things which may not matter. But, while we hanker after the things of this world, they may not be important in another time as we may have lost our focus. For instance, if it is family it is not that we have forgotten them, but it is acts of thoughtfulness like making a phone call or saying kind words that makes a difference. Sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture beyond misunderstandings which may ultimately cost regret and pain. The poem issues a warning of the choices made or the path taken." Dr. Naomi C. Nonglait is an Associate Professor in the Department of English, St. Mary's College, Shillong, Meghalaya.


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