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Ka Phan Nonglait by Tony Slong

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Ka Phan Nonglait is one of the Khasi women freedom fighters and is considered one of the bravest women of that time. Most women were either raped, molested or ill-treated by the British soldiers. This made Ka Phan Nonglait and some women from Hima Khatsawphra to take matters into their own hands with the help of Mon Bhut. With his help Ka Phan Nonglait was able to trap the British soldiers by offering them alcohol. When they were inebriated, she took all the weapons of the soldiers and threw them into one of the rock holes in the Nongrmai falls (now known as Phan Nonglait Falls). Due to this act, she is remembered in the stories that have been retold for generations. Then U Mon Bhut along with other soldiers killed 32 British soldiers. This was in the year 1829.

In Ka Jait Nonglait: Ka Thymmei bad ki Dienjat written by T. Daniel Stone Lyngdoh Nonglait, the historical contexts of the Nonglait Clan has been given. Since ours is a society that relies on oral narratives, I have heard of the valour and bravery of ka Phan Nonglait. It has intrigued me to do further research upon this narrative. Yet, there is more to be unearthed. From the British perspective, the only record made was on U Mon Bhut who fought gallantly against the British. He was U Tirot Sing's most trusted general. The records about the Nongkhlaw incident were said to be the first spark that led to the war of the Khasis against the British. Among those killed, two British officers named Lieutenant Bedingfeld and Lieutenant Burlton were killed. In a letter to Lamb by David Scott, dated 10th April 1829, he mentioned that this fateful incident happened either on the 4th or 5th of April, 1829. This incident shook the Britishers and was recorded in the memoir of the Late David Scott, esq.

On this Independence Day we remember Ka Phan Nonglait as the first Khasi woman freedom fighter. The achievements of Khasi women who fought against the British are often not recorded by history. Ka Phan Nonglait is remembered as one of those freedom fighters who have made a mark on Khasi history.
This entry has been contributed by @carey_lynz Thank you so much! 🙏🙏 Our gratitude also goes to @tonyslong 😃🙏
🟡 Picture 1: Painting of Ka Phan Nonglait by @tonyslong
🟡 Picture 2:
🟡 Picture 3: Ka Jait Lyngdoh Nonglait: Ka Thymmei bad ki Dienjat written by T. Daniel Stone Lyndoh Nonglait.
🟡 Picture 4: A Memoir of the Late David Scott, Esq. written by Major Adam White (1831, 1st edition)

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