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Ka Mieng

"Ka Mieng" ka dei ka kynja jingput ba la thaw na ki lyngkhot siej, kaba shu kbum ha ka shyntur bad kaba pynmih sur kat kum ka jingkyan mynsiem. 🎶🎵

"Ka Mieng" is a unique traditional Khasi muscial instrument which is made from shreds of bamboo. It is placed between the lips and the sound is made when the musician strums it against his lips. They pucker the lips into different shapes to evoke different sounds. 🎶🎵

"Ka Mieng" is also a sonnet which is a poem of fourteen lines.

Khublei Shibun @apkyrment_adm for the picture of "Ka Mieng" and @lapdiangsyiem too for your help! 🙏🙏


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