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Ka Kiew Pyneh Rngiew Pynksan Rngiew

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Khublei Shibun @hammarsing for allowing to post these photographs 🙏😄

Cleaning and other arrangements underway in preparation for the annual pilgrimage to the sanctum sanctorum of U Lum Sohpetbneng - Navel of the Heavens, Centre of the Universe.

The pilgrimage known as "Ka Kiew Pyneh Rngiew Pynksan Rngiew" is to strengthen one’s inner being and essence - "Ka Rngiew".

Sanctified rice and water will be distributed after the prayers and rituals are completed by the religious elders - U Tymmen U San - of Seng Khasi. The faithful will then each offer prayers at the sacred summit. The date for this years pilgrimage is February 5th 2023.

This site is one of the most pristine places on Earth and a reminder of how sacred sites should be maintained and preserved. The tranquility of nature surpasses the grandeur of any man made structure."

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