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Ka Jingduwai Blei U Khasi/ The Prayer of The Khasi

Ka Jingduwai Blei U Khasi, The Prayer Of The Khasi

from U Khasi Hyndai (1959) written by Rash Mohon Roy Nongrum

Naduh mynhyndai ba la mih la don ki symbai bynriew halor snieh i Mei Ramew, ma ngi ki Khasi haba ngi duwai ngi kyrpad ha ki pokjat U Pa Blei Trai Kynrad U Nongthaw Uba dap lut baroh sawdong, Uba ïohi lut baroh sawdong, ngi phai ka khmat sha mihngi bad la ki kti baroh arti, ngi dem khrup bad ngi duwai kyrpad ba Un ai ka jingkyrkhu ka jingisynei halor jong ngi ki symbai bynriew. Im ju dei ban phai khmat sha sepsngi.

Kane ka long naduh kiba mynhyndai ba ki riewtymmen jong ngi haba ki duwai, ki phai khmat sha mihngi, haba ki jer kyrteng ïa i khunlung iba dang kha ba in koit in shait bha, ki duwai ha ki pohjat U Pa Blei Kyurad U Nongthaw da kaba phai sha mihngi. Ma ngi ki Khasi ngi ong ba kaba sang ban thaw dur ne ban mane ïa ka maw ka dieng ne ïa u para briew ba dang thaw dang buh hi U Pa Blei Trai Kynrad.

Ngi leh bad ngi tip tang ka duwai da ka ktien kaba khuid kaba sugur ha U Pa Blei Trai Kynrad ka long kaba dei kaba biang.

Since time immemorial with the existence of human beings on Mother Earth, we Khasis pray to God the Father the Creator who fills all space, who sees all things, by facing towards the east, with folded hands, bending and kneeling down, beseeching for blessings and mercy over humanity. It is forbidden to face the west while praying.

This has been established since ancient times with elders facing the east while praying. During the naming ceremony for a baby too, performed for the health and well-being of the child, prayers are delivered at the feet of God the Father the Creator by facing towards the east. Khasis deem it sacrilegious as well as forbidden to create idols and to worship stones or trees or other fellow human beings created by God the Father the Creator. What is done and known by the Khasis is that, the words of a prayer are honest and pure, that this is right and deserving to be expressed to God the Father.

An earnest prayer lightens the heart and clears the mind 😌✨ Many cultures and religions face the east while praying and this is found among the Khasis too 🙏🌞☀️🌄 Ka jingduwai ka mih na ka mynsiem kaba sngew nguh, kaba dap da ka jingieit bad ka jingkyrmen 🙏✨ 🟡 English translation by @speakyourroots


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