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Ka Dopwai

Ka Dopwái ka dei ka sla jong u dieng kwai. Ka dopwái ka dei ka sla kaba myntoi bha lada hap leit jingleit ne leitkai namar ïa ka dopwái ju pyndonkam ban song ja lane song jingbam.

Lada ka ja ka long kaba khluit ruh kam lei lei lada song ha ka dopwái. Ka jingsyaid jong ka ja ka nang neh ha ka dopwái. Shuh shuh, ki jingbam kim ju da kham sniew lada song hapoh ka dopwái. Ka bam na ka dopwái ruh ka da bang shisha, khamtam ki ja tyrkhong ba khlem umshit. Kum ba long ka jingshngiam ka umpohliew ba ngim da lah eh ban batai bha ha kito ki bym pat ïoh dih ïa ka, kumta ruh ka jingbang haba bam na ka dopwái ruh ka long ha kajuh ka rukom, ynda lah bam hi ngin sa sngewthuh.

Mynta ïa ka dopwái la shna da ki karkhana ha ka dur jong ki pliang. Ki ju pyndonkam ïa kine haba leitkai ne haba khawai ruh.

"Ka Dopwái" is the leaf of the areca tree. "Ka dopwái" is a useful and versatile leaf because it is used to pack food. Even if the food is hot the leaf is not damaged and the warmth of the food is maintained inside the leaf. Also, food packed in ka dopwái does not get spoilt even after several hours.

When eaten, the food from "ka dopwái" has a different taste and is really delicious, especially if it is dry rice without the soup or with only a little gravy. Just like we cannot describe the delicious taste of natural spring water, so too is the taste of food when eaten from "ka dopwái". Only those who have eaten from it will understand.

Nowadays "ka dopwái" is marketed commercially as plates which can be taken to use on journeys, picnics and even during feasts.

"Ka Dopwái" is a hygienic and sturdy packing for food! Mother Nature is the best 🌱🌱 Let's make an effort in being more eco-conscious and do everything in our power to protect our beautiful environment.
Khublei Shibun Miss @indariwarjri for your picture! 🤗🤗 Ka jingibang ïa phei ba phei bam ja na dopwái. Sa ïalam kai noh next taiñ! 😄😄😄

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