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Ka Dienshonhi

Ka kyntien "Dienshonhi" ka thew ïa ka "Dak-Thoh-La-Jong". Da lah phiah ïa ka, ka long kumne harum:

Ka kyntien "Dien" ka mut ïa kano-kano kaba paw haba la ïuh ne kano-kano ka jingpynsah dak ïa kiba bud nadien khnang ba kin lait na ka jingshah ïalam bakla. Ka kyntien “Shon” ka wan na kaba pynskhem ban nym jah ka dien na kaba shim nuksa na ka dien ban dang ïai pynmih dien shuh. Ka kyntien “Hi” ka thew ïa uno-uno ne kano-kano kaba pynmih dien namar kata, ka wan ka ktien “Dien-Shon-Hi”.

The Khasi word "Dienshonhi" refers to "Dak-Thoh-La-Jong" which may be translated as that which is written by oneself. When it is broken up it means as follows:

The word "Dien" means something that is seen or formed like a footprint or any other imprint or a sign that is placed to help people not get lost. The word "Shon" means to press down on something to leave a permanent imprint. Thus "shon" will strengthen that which is imprinted, to avoid it being lost. "Shon" will also take the example of the imprint to produce more imprints in the future. The word "Hi" refers to anything or anyone who produces an imprint. Thus, the word "Dien-Shon-Hi" is coined.

-Ka Dienshonhi: The Khasi Encyclopaedic Dictionary by Rev. Dr. Iarington Kharkongngor

Ka kyntien "Dienshonhi" ka dei ka kyntien kaba la sot bad pynsaiñ dur na laitylli ki kyntien, kita ka "Dien", "Shon" bad "Hi". La pynïamir jingmut ïa kine lai ban long kawei ka kyntien, khnang ban pynshynna ïa ka jingmut jong ka kyntien nongwei kaba long "Dictionary". Namar kata, ngi lah ban ong ba ka kyntien "Dienshonhi" ka long ka kyntien ïamir, ka kyntien saiñ ne kaba ki ong ha ka ktien nongwei "coinage".

The word "Dienshonhi" is a word that has been coined from three words, that is, "Dien", "Shon" and "Hi". The three words have been blended and brought together to express one meaning, so as to make clear the meaning of the English word "Dictionary". Thus, we can say that the word "Dienshonhi" is a coined word or coinage.

Coining new words is one sure way for a language to grow! 😃🗣️🗣️📝 Two Khasi words in the post above which have been coined to explain the meaning of the English word "coinage" are 🟢 "kyntien ïamir" and 🟢 "kyntien saiñ".
#kyntienïamir #kyntiensaiñ
La ha ka kren ne ka thoh, ngi lah ban pynwandur bad saiñ dur ïa ki kyntien ki ban pynroi bad pynïar ïa ka ktien Khasi 🙏😃🗣️📝
🟡 Source: Rev. Dr. Ïarington Kharkongor
🟡 Translation and further elaboration by @speakyourroots
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