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"Choh Jamalung" (The call of the Cicada)

As dusk fell, there are days in the valley of Ri Bhoi when children would gather outside their houses; and hold two little bamboo sticks in their hands. In front of a small tree or a branch and just beside the light bulb, they make beating sounds with those sticks to call the "jamalung" (an insect under cicada family).

The children from Raid Nongtluh would also phawar (chanting song):

“Et-et pule, charadom pule;

Saiñ syrmah siñ-jop, siñ-jop

Chi bang-op, bang-op.

Dap te ka dap-te ka dap dohkha,

Chang te ka chang-te ka chang kyrla;

O! Siñ lum, O! Siñ wah:

Ka kmei pha te ka tah, tung-dung;

U pa pha te u wieh, cha-rung”

The "jamalung" is captivated by the radiance of tungsten lights, and wings its way to the tree. The children are enlivened as they contend with each other for the catch. And the fate of "jamalung" is uncertain, it may be consumed, released back or played with till it is no more.

"Ka Choh Jamalung" (The Call of the Cicada) is a chanting song sent by @esra_syiem ! 😀😀 Thank you for this unique entry!
It is reminiscent of those childhood chants and games which sound like gibberish but no one cares because they're so much fun to say 😂😂😂 Those were the days when children were shooed away outside the house to play and shout 💞💞
"tungsten light" is the light from a filament bulb.


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