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Ban u Sam At

The Khasi phrase "Ban U Sam At" is translated as being held down or pressed on by "U Sam At". According to what is said, "U Sam At" is an imp who causes a person to become immobile even though they have woken up from sleep. The motive of the imp is only to render a person helpless but not to kill them.

This is something most of us have experienced. We wake up and try to move but we can't. Our mind is conscious but our body is still in a state of sleep! This is described as sleep paralysis: a temporary inability to move or speak when falling asleep or upon waking.

Thank you @evandanoradkhar for bringing this up! 👍
"Ban U Sam At" is a phenomenon which happens to most of us 😅😅 It can be terrifying and even claustrophobic at times. And among the Khasis we have given it a name! 😳😳😨😨
Picture: Wikipedia

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