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Apot Sepsngi

Ka ktien "apot" ka mut ka jingjynjar, ka lanot, ka suhsat bad ka shitom.

The Khasi word "apot" refers to the experience of hardship, misfortune, adversity and difficulty.

Ka jingong "apot sepsngi" ka thew ïa ka lanot bad ka suhsat kaba hap ïaid lyngba kaba la palat liam. Ngi lah ban batai ba ka ktien "sepsngi" ka thew ïa ka jingduh jingkyrmen bad ka jingsngewsih kaba la sngew kutlad shisha.

The Khasi phrase "apot sepsngi" describes the misfortune or adversity that befalls which is hard for one to bear. We may explain the word "sepsngi" (literally meaning setting sun) symbolically refers to hopelessness and sorrow with no respite in sight.

The phrase "Apot Sepsngi" describes a tragedy or a catastrophe that befalls a person. 😓😟 Its meaning is made more significant by the metaphor of the setting sun, echoing a dark time and hopelessness.
🟡 Khasi explication and English translation by @speakyourroots

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