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An excerpt from"The History and Culture of the Khasi People"

In this chapter entitled "Source of History" the author says that an effort has been made to write about the history of the Khasi people from the materials that they could gather, to "present a detailed account of both the political and cultural life from its earliest beginnings to the present day."

Under the category of foreign accounts, the author says: Classical sources like the account of the Greek, Roman and Chinese starting from the 5th Century BC referring to Assam in general, indirectly allude to important socio-ecomomic and cultural conditions of the Khasi during the early period. Qazim's mention of fruits like citron, lime, lemon pineapple, orange, etc. produced from Assam in the medieval age refers to the cultivation of these fruits by the Khasi people who have grown them through generations till the present day.

Mention of iron smelting, work in gold, silver and copper in Assam, in the early and mediaeval period refers to similar Khasi enterprises (of which we have evidence). On the proper basis of identification, we can make use of the foreign accounts and classical sources.


1 Qazim was one of the earliest Muslim travellers to Assam.

2 P. C. Choudhury, The History of the People of Assam to the 12th Century. A.D. and Ka Ryngi, Vol II, No. 1 and Vol II, No. 2.

This is a great book you have to read! Thank you Miss @indariwarjri for the reminder! 🤗🤗

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