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Ym lap lieng and Kylla lieng

Kylla lieng

Ka jingong "kylla lieng" ka thew ïa ka jingwan shoh tyndep ka pyrthei nemsniew ban pynduk pynshitom ïa u ba don ba em. Ka dei ruh ka jingkylla khongpong ka jingim na ka im suk im saiñ sha ka kordit tam. Shuh shuh, kine ki kyntien ki batai ïa ka jingshah lynshop ha ka jingsniew bok, ba wan ban ka jingpang jingshitom haduh ba u briew um lah bteng shuh ïa ka kam ba u la pyrshang.

The Khasi phrase "kylla lieng" is the harrowing arrival of famine or an epidemic causing suffering and poverty for even those who are well-to-do. The phrase also refers to the reversal or the turning upside down of an easy life to calamity and ruin. Further, the words also mean to be wracked by bad luck, that is caused by illness to the point that a person cannot continue with his work.

Ym lap lieng

Ka jingong "ym lap lieng" ka batai ïa ka jingkyrkieh kum bym don por ne lap briew shuh. Ka kren ruh ïa ka jingsheptieng ba ïoh shah iehnoh bym lap kem shuh ïa ka lieng.

The Khasi phrase "ym lap lieng" is to be in so much haste that we are out of time or we cannot find the people we need to meet. The phrase also talks about the fear that one experiences in case they don't arrive on time to reach the boat.

"Ym lap lieng" and "Kylla lieng" are two Khasi idioms using a boat as the metaphor ⛵🚤🛥️
🟡 Sources: Rev. Dr. Ïarington Kharkongor and by Primrose G. Gatphoh.
English translation by @speakyourroots

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