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U Swet Titiaw

Have you ever met a person who says no but they actually mean yes? If you offer them something they refuse and act as if they don't want it but in reality they do. In the Pnar language, they have a name for people like this. They call them "Swet Titiaw".

The story goes that "U Swet Titiaw" is a farmer from Jowai. He has a peculiar quality and that is when people ask him something he acts as if he doesn't want to answer or when they offer him something he refuses but in his heart he wants to answer and he wants to accept the offer.

In Pnar they say: "Leh u kam u wym bien tangwa napoh napoh kwah u naduh mynsien. Neite i daw haduh katni leh ia ki bru wa man kam o juh sin ki ki dei pyrtuid u 'Swet Titiaw'."

"U ong tae ym bien ym bien

tangwa ki kti ner ner nei dien.”

"He will say no, no but his hands

are already open from behind.”

The Pnar nickname "U Swet Titiaw" sent by @laloorisa 😅😅😂😂 Thank you for your entry!
"U Swet Titiaw" is quite the satiric nickname for someone who says no but actually means yes...🤡🤡

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