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U Sangot

"U Sangot" u dei u nong pyrta shnong na kliar na them haba don kano kano ka jingjia ha shong ban pyntip paitbah. Kum haba don ka jingïapbriew ha shong, ki jingïalang dorbar bad kumta ter ter. U sangot u pyrta beit da ka tyngam lajong khlem kano kano ka jingïarap ki kor ki bor.

Ha shong jong ngi mynshwa nga kynmaw u sdang kumne ko shong, (u sngap shwa tok) ko thaw, to ïa sngap…”

"U Sangot" is a Khasi version of a town crier. "U Sangot" is a person employed to make public announcements in the streets or the marketplace of a town. We hear "U Sangot" when there are deaths or "dorbar" meetings and so on. He states his announcements in a loud booming voice without the help of microphones and speakers.

"U Sangot will always start with "Ko shnong, (pause) ko thaw, to sngap…”

"U Sangot" is a Khasi town crier who has a characteristic way of declaring his announcements. We might not hear "U Sangot" so much in Shillong but the practice is definitely still prevalent in smaller towns and villages. 🔊🔊🔊🔊 Thank you @same_omega for sending this entry!
If you know more about "U Sangot" please share in the comments section!

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