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U miaw wa synñiam dakharang

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

U miaw wa synñiam dakharang" is a Pnar phrase to describe men who are very good at making romantic advances towards women.

"Miaw" means cat, "dakharang" is fish that has been smoked and "synñiam" may be translated as an opportunist waiting for the right time. The phrase describes the cat who has been waiting for the right time to steal the fish.

Imat ki long thik kum u miaw ba pyrshang ban tuh dakharang haba ki pyrshang ban pynbiej kynthei, na kata ka daw ki sa khot ia ki da kata ka kyrteng.

The men resemble the cat in its eager attempt to get the fish, in the way they woo women. That's why they have been given this nickname.

"U miaw wa synñiam dakharang" is a Pnar phrase used to describe men who are expert "wooers" of women 😅😅😂😂 This post is dedicated to all you Don Juans and Zorros! 🤭😜

Thank you @laloorisa for sending this! 😁😁

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