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Tip Briew, Tip Blei

The Khasi precept "Tip Briew, Tip Blei" literally translates to "Know man, know God". It is one of the three tenets of Khasi socio-religious cultural worldview, which can be understood as knowing man (in all the sense of knowing) is knowing God. One simply cannot approach to an understanding or a relationship with God if he/she cannot do so with his/ her fellow human beings. It does resonate with one of the laws that Jesus gave which is "to love thy neighbour" or even to the English proverb "service to man is service to God". For a Khasi, this phrase also gives one an ontological understanding of oneself.

"Tip Briew Tip Blei" sent by @bada_boombam 😀💖💖💖 Thank you for another fantastic contribution Bada!
"Tip Briew Tip Blei" is translated as Know Man, Know God. This Khasi precept is one of the three tenets of the Khasi socio-religuious cultural worldview. The other two being "Kamai Ïa Ka Hok" and "Tip Kur Tip Kha". These tenets should govern life in all aspects for the growth of a healthy and mindful collective consciousness.


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