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Rangbah Joit

Ngi ju ong "Rangbah Joit!" haba ki khynnah ki synriah. Kane ka rukom kren ka long kum ka jingkyntu ïa ki hep barit ba kin heh kin san, ba kin koit kin khiah.

The Khasi word "Rangbah" means an adult or a grown up. The word "joit" means to do (or act) something immediately or quickly and also implies the motion of standing or moving up. Together the words form a phrase that is said when a child sneezes. When said after a child sneezes, the phrase is a kind of exhortation for the child to grow and develop in good health and spirit, without obstacles.

Here are some responses to sneezing from different countries:

In Dutch they say "Gezondheid" which means "Health!", the equivalent of "Gesundheit" as said in English or if the person has sneezed three times "(Drie keer) morgen mooi weer" which means "(Three times) the weather will be nice tomorrow."

In Albanian they say "Shёndet" (shuhn-det) which means "Health!".

In Assamese they say মঙ্গল হওক (môngôl hôwk) which means "May good happen."

In Bulgarian they say "Наздраве" (Nazdrave) meaning "To your health" or "Cheers".

In Cambodian they say សុខភាព (sokhpheap) which means "Health".

In Hawaiian they say "Kihe", "a mauli ola", or simply "Ola" meaning "Sneeze, and you shall live", or simply "live"

"Rangbah Joit!" is an expression in Khasi that is said when a child sneezes. It echoes a sense of comfort and well-being that is a great way to make a child feel! 🧍🧍🌻🌻

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