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Pashat 'Wáidong

Pashat 'waidong ka dei ka jingaidak ka samla kynthei ïa u samla shynrang da kaba ai 'wai dong. Ka long ka rukom ai sngewbha ka samla ïa u briew uba ka ïapmat. Ïa kane la ju leh da kiba khraw bad ki syiem hyndai.

"Pashat 'waidong" is an old practice where the woman gives betel nut that has been cut and rolled with betel leaf to the man with whom she is enamoured. This indicates her liking of him. The 'waidong is presented as a gift from the woman to the man and this was mainly practised by royal and noble families.

"Pashat 'Wáidong" is an old Khasi practice (which may be described as a courtship practice) where the woman chooses and shows to all the man whom she is besotted with. 😁🤩😁🤩
Te haba kumta phei ki Thei ba stad to pynkhreh noh u 'wáidong haba phei lah iohi ia u Rang ba biang nadong shadong 😂😂 Phei ki Rangkynsai roh, donbok phin ia ioh u 'wáidong ba kynsai kum ma phei! 😄😄
Source: Ka Dienshonhi: The Khasi Encyclopaedic Dictionary by Rev. Dr. Ïarington Kharkongor

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