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Kyntem ñiuhmat

Ka ktien Khasi "kyntem ñiuhmat" ka mut haba ïa u briew uba i jaipdeh ne haba ka jingjaituh la ithuh na ka jingnoh bad jinghiar u ñuihmat shapoh khyndew. Lah ban ong ruh ba ka "kyntem ñiuhmat" ka pynwan ïa ka jingnoh jaituh jong ka dur bad ka met baroh kawei. Kam don ka jingsngew smat sngew sting bad kam don ka jingkyntu nalade ban leh eiei.

The Khasi phrase "kyntem ñiuhmat" refers to instances when the laziness and indolence of a person is evident in the downward bend of the eyebrows or in long drooping eyelashes. It may be said that "kyntem ñiuhmat" creates an image of a lethargic and sluggish person. There is no spring of activity and there is also no motivation to do anything.

"Kyntem ñiuhmat" is a Khasi description of a facial expression that we have all made 😄😅 Hopefully "kyntem ñiuhmat" is only a temporary phase 😜 Ha ka Khasi ngi lah ban ong: "U la kyntem ñiuhmat haba u la ïohi ïa ka lyngkha ka bym pat dep puh." 🟡 English translation by @speakyourroots

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