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Ki Rukom Ïaid /Different Ways of Walking

Ïaid-khning-khning ka dei haba ïaid kynjing lem bad ki khohwah kiba rit i kum ban kheiñ noh/ to walk tip toe with legs that are so thin they look like they will break.

Ïaid-khrup-khrup ka dei kaba ïaid kyrdem da ki juti halor ka madan/ to walk with thumping stomps.

Ïaid-kjik-kjik ka dei haba ïaid ba pynsting ïa ka met, i kumba ym i kwah pyndei khyndew ïa la ki kjat / to walk while trying to lighten the weight of the body, appearing not to want the feet to touch the ground.

Ïaid kniah-kniah ka dei haba ïaid bhabriew, i kumba ym i kwah ïakren briew shuh/ the walk of someone who feels so beautiful or handsome that they don't seem to want to talk to anyone anymore.

Ïaid-knip-knip ka dei haba ïaid dkoh i kumba shon maw rit iba nep ha ki pohjat/ to walk with a limp as if there is a small stone poking the foot.

Ïaid rynthew ka dei haba ïaid khlem da klum ne syndong ïa la ki jaiñ kiba noh/ to walk carelessly without gathering one's clothes around one's body.

Ïaid shutïew ka dei haba ïaid suki than eh bad ïaid khlem rah ki kjat / to walk in an extremely slow manner without lifting the feet.

Ïaid pawang ka dei haba ïaid kyreit bad pawang la ki kti haba ïaid, i kumba ym suitñiew briew/ to walk pompously not seeming to be bothered about other people.

Here's a collection of different kinds of walks 🚶🏃🕺💃😂😂 There are still so many more but these are all we can "walk" with right now..phew! 😅
Phi mynjur ne em ba tang na ka rukom ïaid lah ithuh ïa ki jinglong jong ngi? Can others guess how we are just by the way we walk? 😄🤔
🟡 Source: Rev. Dr. Ïarington Kharkongor
🟡 English translation by @speakyourroots

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