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Ka Ksáw Ka Kpong

"Ka Ksáw Ka Kpong" ka dei ka 'lei donbok ha man la ka jingpyrshang, khamtam ha ka beh mrad. "Ka Ksáw Ka Kpong" ka dei ka 'lei beh mrad ha kaba ki nguh ïa ka da kaba sieh hapdeng shnong ïa ki reng ne ka khlieh jong ka mrad kaba ki ïoh, haba ki beh da ka shnong, ha ka nam jong ka.

"Ka tap ksáw" ka dei ka jingkñia shuwa ban leit beh mrad.

Ka ktien "ksáw" ka don ruh ïa ka jingmut ba heh bok ne ba donbok.

"Ka Ksáw Ka Kpong" is the goddess of good luck who figures in any endeavour, especially during animal hunts. "Ka Ksáw Ka Kpong" is the prominent deity of animal hunts, where homage is paid to her by planting the horns or the head of the animal who is killed during the hunt in the middle of the village or town. This is done when the hunt is undertaken by the village in the name of the goddess.

"Ka tap ksáw" is the sacrifice that is performed before an animal hunt.

The word "ksáw" also means possessing luck or being lucky.

May good fortune always follow you 🌾🌾
The Khasis have many gods and goddesses that play important roles in their day to day life. We would love to know more about Ka Ksáw Ka Kpong. Please tell us! 🌺🌺

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