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Ka Behdieñkhlam

"Chad dei mynsien maya Blai

Chad dei wa tipbru tipblai

Ya ka khlam yoh u kh'lah khatai

Napoh i mynder napoh i pyrthai."

Daohi says:

The Behdieñkhlam festival is a popular harvest festival celebrated by tribal communities in the Jaiñtia Hills District of Meghalaya. The festival is observed by followers of the "Niamtre" faith (indigenous faith).

In many parts of the world, a successful harvest is always a time to celebrate or appease the gods to ensure a bountiful crop.

"Behdieñkhlam" is a combination of three words, "Beh" (to get rid of), "Dieñ" (wood or log) and "Khlam" (plague). Together, these words become one and translate into ‘to get rid of plague’. The prime objective of the festival is to pray to God for good health and harvest.

Ka Behdieñkhlam wasuk wakmen ya phi waroh! 🙏🙏🙏
"Ka Behdieñkhlam" sent by @xdtnoahjupejackllthmanar Thank you for this entry!

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