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Ka Ïing Tynriew

"Ka Ïing Tynriew" is the traditional thatched house of the Khasis and is made from the leaves of the Tynriew plant. The house in the first slide is an actual house which has a roof made from "sla tynriew".

There is a difference between the "Tynriew leaf" and the "Dieng Tlai" leaf. The Tynriew is a kind of bamboo plant with thorns or spikes and fruits too which are inedible. The Dieng Tlai is a kind of palm tree with one type growing in the War areas and another type in other areas. The Dieng Tlai leaf can be used to thatch roofs just like the Tynriew leaf. The Tynriew is changed once a year. The scientific name of Tynriew is Calamus Erectus and of Ding Tlai is Caryota Urens.

We express our gratitude to @click.and.vibe and @dappura_chyne for contributing to the write up! 🙏🙏
Picture 1: @dappura_chyne
Picture 2 and 3: Google

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