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Ka jingong "Jied-Shiah" ka thew ïa ka rukom leh kaba long janai bad bniah ïa kano kano ka kam. Shuh shuh, ka kdew ïa ka jingjied ïa kaei kaei da ka jingleh kyrpang bad jingpyrkhat sani bha.

The Khasi phrase "Jied-Shiah" literally means to pick out bones and the action implied is the picking out of fish bones. Thus, the meaning behind the phrase is a meticulous and fastidious way in which something is done, symbolically reflecting the action of picking out fish bones. Further, the phrase throws light on making a selection of any kind with the utmost caution and carefulness, after having given proper thought to something.

Sometimes we complain about a person who exhibits this quality of "Jied-Shiah" that they're too particular, picky or choosy. But perhaps we have to appreciate the effort taken by a person to live according to which he or she deems fit. 😌🙏 Or maybe "Jied-Shiah" is just a healthy amount of OCD 😉😉😅
🟡 Khasi and English explication by @speakyourroots

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