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"Jaiñkyrshah" (Khasi) or "Kyrchah" (Pnar)

Levanylla says:

"Jaiñkyrshah" in Khasi or "Kyrchah" in Pnar is a piece of clothing that is worn by Khasi and Pnar women. It is a chequered piece of cotton cloth that comes in different colours. It is tied at two ends and worn by slinging over the shoulder. The "Jaiñkyrshah" or "Kyrchah" is daily wear that appears to be simple yet it holds great significance. Besides being a practical apron for women, it emanates charm and dignity and voices a respect for one's culture and identity."

"Jaiñkyrshah" (Khasi) or "Kyrchah" (Pnar) sent by @levanylladkhar 🧡🧡🧡😄😄 Thank you for this entry!
The "Jaiñkyrshah" or "Kyrchah" is a distinctive piece of indigenous clothing that should be valued. It is special because women of all ages can wear it and always look good in it. 🥰🥰🥰

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