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Beiñ kiwa beiñ

"Beiñ kiwa beiñ.

Roh kiwa roh.

Ïei їong kiwi,

ym їe i u pyntoh."

"Let those who criticise, criticise.

Let those who praise, praise.

Other people's opinions,

cannot be catered to."

Here's what may be described as a Pnar quote or chant sent by @laloorisa 😎😎😎 (translated by @speakyourroots)
The lines urge us not to let people's words, either praise or criticism, affect us. Lest we fall prey to pride or feelings of inadequacy. We should just march to the beat of our own drum and do what makes us happy! 🌬️🌬️🌻🌼🌾
Ham pynsñiaw ai ki! Wat pynsngew eh ia ki!

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