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Bam sohphan mano, bit thit shano

Ka jingong "Bam sohphan mano, bit thit shano" ka mut ba ïa u sohphan nang bam hun sha lade bad nang kyllan ïa ka thit sha kiwei. Kane ka long ka ktien mynthi kaba mut ba nang leh kiwei bad nang shah kynnoh ki bym dei; kiba leh ki ïoh ka ïaroh bad ki bym leh ki shah ka kynnoh.

The Khasi phrase "Bam sohphan mano, bit thit shano" literally means the one who hogs the jackfruit wipes off the jackfruit glue (birdlime) onto other people. This is an ironic statement that refers to the culprit who does not own up or confess to a wrong doing, letting the blame fall on others. Thus, this describes the unjust situation of being wrongly accused of something while innocent.

The Khasi saying "Bam sohphan mano, bit thit shano" is dripping with irony and sarcasm that is typical of Khasi sayings 😅😅
Source: Primrose G. Gatphoh
English translation by @speakyourroots

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