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A Glimpse of Tirot Sing: "A Memoir of the Late David Scott, Esq." written by Major Adam White (1831)

On the occasion of the death anniversary of U Tirot Sing, the 17th of July, here is "A Glimpse of History–U Tirot Sing Syiem" sent by @carey_lynz

In the book A Memoir of the Late David Scott, Esq., written by Major Adam White (1831, 1st edition), White narrates how David Scott took intense interest in the newly discovered region that is, the North East Frontier. White narrates how he had personally witnessed the "Cassya states" (Khasi States) and the beautiful hills which reminded him of the South of Scotland. At this time, the territory under Hima Nongkhlaw was not under British control. It so happened that Tirot Sing wanted to rent some areas in Assam from the Assamese Raja. David Scott said that he would be happy to oblige, if Tirot Sing would allow the British passage through his territory to go to Sylhet.

This led Tirot Sing to call for an Assembly in order to discuss Scott's request. The British witnessed a very impressive meeting in Nongkhlaw. The Assembly sat in a circle according to their ranks. What struck the Britishers was the "order and decorum of the debators". There was respect for the opponent in the debate and the orator of each party was given a fair chance to speak. This continued for a long time. Growing impatient, David Scott sent a "dozen of bottles of rum" to the Assembly in the hope that the debate would end but the rum was returned.

From these events, we come to know how the Khasis were a people who honoured each others' word and respected each others' opinion. Therefore, as we commemorate the life of U Tirot Sing Syiem, may we remember the value and power of our words like our forefathers before us. Lest we forget, let's remind ourselves of who we truly are.

The above-mentioned events have been summarised from the book written by Major Adam White. The contributor, Dr. Naomi C. Nonglait is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, St. Mary's College, Shillong.
Picture 1: Google, Picture 2, 3 and 4 sent by @carey_lynz

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