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Ñiangkongwieng khlem snier

Ka jingong Khasi "ñiangkongwieng khlem snier" ka ring jingmut na ka jingpah kaba mih na ka kpoh jong ka ñiangkongwieng kaba dap da ka lyer, hynrei kaba lah ban pah baroh shi sngi. Kane ka jingong ka thew ïa u briew uba heh tang ka tyngam bad ka khlem kam; u briew uba put ronsing ïalade tangba ubym larkam eiei ruh.

In Khasi "Ñiangkongwieng" is the cicada and "Snier" are the intestines. The phrase above describes the cicada's body, in particular the abdomen because they breathe through "Spiracles" which are small holes in the abdomen. These spiracles are responsible for the sound of the cicada.

This Khasi phrase focuses on the loud sound emanating from the porous abdomen of the cicada, to describe a person who is a big talker but never accomplishes anything. He likes to blow his own trumpet but in reality, he is useless and has no substance.

"Ñiangkongwieng khlem snier" is a Khasi phrase which describes a big talker, whose arrogance is as loud as his voice when he talks of himself. 🗣️🗣️

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