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Welcome to Speak Your Roots! This is an initiative to document and conserve the language, literature, culture and history of the Khasi-Pnar community of Meghalaya, India. Check out the variety of curated content and enthusiastic contributions for the initiative.


The call of poetry is a call that many respond to especially when it comes to our stories, teachings and Mother nature. Experiences enrich our understanding of life within culture and heritage, leading the way to creating living structures of thought and emotion in poetry.

Khasi phrases express a characteristic worldview which is simultaneously entertaining and didactic. They teach important lessons about life and how to be a better individual. 

It is fun to learn and understand the meaning behind Khasi phrases, which broaden the scope of the language and deepen its meaning.


Folktales are at the heart of the Khasi oral tradition embodying belief, values, myth, history and landscape. The sacred and the tragic, the real and the supernatural come to life through the rich imagination of a community wrapped within the journey of hills and mist and tested by the purity of memory and inheritance. 

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